The One You Feed

I have taken a lot of heat for saying this in the past, but I’ll say it again; I feel sorry for those who still support the man in the white house.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a saint. I get just as pissed off at the hate and ignorance as everyone else.

But deep down, I pity those people. I pity the lives they’re living, filling their minds and hearts every day with division, blame and doomsday prophecies.

I’ve seen the footage of the hate rallies. I’ve seen them chanting gleefully to ‘lock her up’ and ‘build a wall’. I’ve watched as they’ve cheered as their leader insults and belittles and name calls others. I’ve seen the vile t-shirts they wear and I’ve seen them spewing their vitriol at the press. These people are joined together by their fear, hate and anger. They go to these rallies to fuel themselves with more of it.

I was thinking about this yesterday while attending a Democratic rally in Chicago. (Yes Obama was there and we all delightfully LOST OUR SHIT!!!)

Nobody spewed any hateful rhetoric. Nobody was screaming angrily with their veins popping out of their necks.

All of the candidates talked about unity, kindness, inclusion and fairness. They talked about an America where we all belong and treat each other with equality.

There was no loathsome rhetoric. We were united by our hope and connection, not our hate.

When I left the venue five hours later, I felt uplifted, inspired and hopeful.

It got me to wondering how it must feel when you leave one of those other rallies after having spent hours listening to someone fill your head with rage toward your fellow human beings. How must it feel to spend hours screaming hateful words about people you don’t even know. What inside of those people feels that this is a good and productive use of their time and energy?

It became so clear to me what Tuesday’s election is about; it’s not as much about the specific issues the candidates are preaching. It’s about us; we the people and what kind of world we want to create.

I hope those who are going to the hate rallies will one day have a change of heart. I hope one day soon their desire to fill their lives with love will overcome their fearful need to indulge their hate.

I don’t know if I’ll live to see the kind of world I dream about, but I will do my best to take part in the things that bring hope to my heart and solace to others. I will refuse to give my energy to those people and things that incite the feelings in me that harden my heart and sour my soul. I will show up. I’ll vote.

There is a fable about an old Cherokee who is teaching his grandson about life. He tells him a fight is going on inside all of us between two wolves. One wolf is evil, angry, greedy and arrogant. The other wolf is joy, peace, love and hope. ‘Which wolf will win?’ the grandson asks him.

His answer was simple. “The one you feed.”

Which wolf will you feed?

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