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Welcome! I’m Mary Long and I am the Founder of Herstory Network.

I am absolutely convinced that the healing of this world will be brought about by women, but first we have to heal ourselves. We can no longer wait for someone to rescue us, we must rescue ourselves. How do we do that? Together. We do it together. By going within. By asking questions about why we believe what we believe. By challenging the status quo and refusing to be silent any longer.
We all have a voice that needs to be heard and we all have a right to be heard. After the Women’s March I made a promise to myself that I would no longer allow fear to keep me quiet about the things that really mattered, and this website is one step in keeping that promise.

Things I Learned From My Sisters

If you’re lucky in life you will be blessed with a sister. I have three older sisters, so I’ve gotten the benefit of their wisdom and life experiences handed down to me…along with their clothes.

Here are a few things I learned from them;

If your older sister is very curious but also afraid to try new things, let her talk you into doing them, even at your own physical peril. Because if you get hurt (you will get hurt) the guilt she will feel can be used to your advantage for decades.

If you have to share a candy bar or a cookie, one halves it and the other picks first. It’s the only way to ensure equal distribution.

Always roll your clothes like a beach towel when you’re packing your suitcase. They’ll wrinkle less.

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You’re not who I thought you were…

You’re not who I thought you were. See, I thought there was one thing all good and decent people agreed on. ‘Children should never be abused or intentionally traumatized. EVER.’ If you had asked me last week if the people I know and love all agreed on that one thing, I would have said ‘absolutely.’

Facebook friends are different. I’m used to seeing some posts by them that leave me speechless. But you? I was sure that even though our opinions on certain issues differ, I honestly believed when I stood on the side of ‘there is never a justification for child abuse’ you would have been standing next to me.

But here I am, looking over at you on the ‘yes but’ side and I can barely comprehend it.

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