The Incredible Shrinking Women

Up until the 1960’s, women who were deemed beautiful were very voluptuous. Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield were considered Hollywood bombshells, and they were certainly not stick figures.

There used to be a saying that a woman was a perfect size 10. A woman who wears a size ten now is dieting down so she can be a six.

Have you ever thought about the fact that our obsession with losing weight began in the decade of the women’s liberation movement? As we made strides to be seen and heard as equal to men, our culture became obsessed with diminishing us physically. If they couldn’t tame our spirits, they would make us physically smaller to keep us in our place.

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We all like to think we’re mostly honest people, and for the most part that is probably true. There are people who are habitually dishonest or pathological liars, but that’s something different.

In the every day scheme of things most of us consider ourselves moral and upright and point to our actions and choices to anchor our belief.

But do you ever wonder if honesty is subjective?

It’s easy to say we would never cheat or steal or do anything to compromise our integrity, and to judge harshly those who do. But is it easier to make the choice to not cheat or steal if we’ve never been desperate or broke for a long period of time?

This became very clear to me one day several years ago when I was checking out at the grocery store. The cashier gave me back change for a twenty, but I had only given her a ten. “You gave me too much,” I told her as I handed back the money. She praised and thanked me for being such an honest person, and as I walked to my car I began to think about what had just taken place.

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