The Question We Should Keep Asking

We have gotten so used to the hypocrisy and illogical rationalization of this administration that often times we don’t ask the questions that should be asked.

Ever since we found out about the zero tolerance policy at the border there is one question that I haven’t heard asked.

What were they planning on doing with the children they stole from their parents?

According to this administration and everyone who supports it, illegal immigrants are ruining this country. There’s too many of them and we need to ship them out.

So, ask yourself why children were separated from their parents with no way to identify who they belonged to so they could be reunited and leave together. Ask yourself why a great many of these parents were deported back to their country without their children.

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Man and the Can

A few weeks ago I went downtown for a protest march and there were no port-a-potties. The local businesses were allowing us to use their restrooms, and I was in line in a bakery before the march started. There was a long hallway that led to the two restrooms, one marked ladies and one marked men. Each restroom was identical and could only be used by one person at a time. There were many women in line ahead of me, and no line for the men’s. Every time a man came out of the restroom, a man would walk up out of nowhere and go in. It took the women about a half hour wait in line. The men had no wait at all.

Several hours later the march ended and I headed to the same bakery to use the restroom before boarding my train. Same scenario. A long line of women waiting and no line for the men. I stepped out of line and said to the other women, ‘Look, these restrooms are exactly the same. There’s no reason we can’t use whichever one opens up first. Are we all in agreement that when a man comes up we will explain the situation and ask him to get in the back of the line?’ They all gave a hearty yes and we started using both restrooms.

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