It’s Not Us…It’s Our Training

Over 300 women have come forward to report decades of abuse by Larry Nassar. How is this possible? The fact that these women have various economic, religious and racial backgrounds tells us it is not about circumstances, but a deeper belief we all have as to our roles as females in this world.

The #MeToo movement is not about some bad men finally facing justice. It’s about the conditioning and behavior we’re taught is acceptable as males and females.

I recently read a conversation a woman relayed between her and her teenage nephew. He was telling her about this girl he really liked and that he had asked her out and she said no. “You know what you do now?” she asked. He responded, “I know, I know. Keep trying. Don’t give up.”

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Emergency SOS

This morning I was awakened by a text that said. ‘Emergency SOS. Kati Barr has made an emergency call from this approximate location—- You are receiving this message because Kati has listed you as an emergency contact.’

Kati is my daughter.

I immediately called her cell and got no answer. I then called 911 and trying to remain calm (absolutely losing my shit) explained to the dispatcher what my message said and asked her how to proceed. As she was calmly explaining things to me, I saw my daughter’s number come up on the other line and told the dispatcher I was going to take the call.

‘Hi mom,’ Kati said, ‘if you got an emergency message from me it’s because my phone was in my pocket and accidentally hit the emergency button. I’m fine.’

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