Whose Side Are You On?

‘The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas at the same time in your mind’– F.Scott Fitzgerald

I’m seeing so many posts whose message seems to be ‘You’re either with the cops or you’re with the protesters.’

I’m really finding it hard to process how black and white (no pun intended) everyone seems to think what’s going on in our streets is right now.

Can we support the fact that there are good cops who came into this work with a true desire to protect and serve? Can we acknowledge that there are cops who would never use the cover of their badge to intentionally inflict harm on others? Can we acknowledge that there are many, many cops who are as appalled by the murder of George Floyd as the rest of us? I can. I know and love several of these cops and am praying for their safety as I write. I feel great compassion for them for being lumped into the same group as the horrible cops.

Now, can we also acknowledge that if you’re a racist, there’s not a better job you can find than being a cop? You get to carry out your hateful, racist ways with a paycheck and complete impunity. So, given those facts, don’t you think that there’s probably a great deal of racists on the police department? Pretending it’s just a tiny fraction is just that, pretending. Being a cop is the perfect job for violent racists, so it stands to reason there would be more there than in a lot of other jobs. It doesn’t mean ALL of them are bad. It doesn’t even mean MOST of them are bad. It means there’s probably more than a few bad apples that are racist cops.

There are a lot of really good cops. There are a lot of really racist cops. Both of those statements can be true, without one nullifying the other.

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No ‘Perfect’ Mothers

I’m seeing a lot of posts from young mothers who are going a bit crazy during these days of quarantine. I hear your stress and doubts and feelings that you’re not doing it right. I hear your worries that somehow you’re failing as a mother if your days aren’t filled with wholesome activities and learning experiences.

I will try and put this in simple language; what a load of crap.

Nobody has lived through anything like this before, so there’s no ‘right’ way to do it. Whatever way you’re doing it that gets you through the day and keeps your kids alive, that’s the right way.

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