Which is it, Guys?

Here’s the most puzzling thing about the male response to all of these reports about sexual predators.

Over and over you hear men say about their daughters, ‘when she becomes old enough to date, I’ll be standing on the porch with a shotgun. I know how guys are and I’ll put the fear of God in that kid.’

Every man with a daughter has an instinct of protecting her from other males. They seem to have the impression that their daughters will be preyed upon.

But now that women are coming forward en masse and talking about our actual experiences, which line up with the fears their father’s had for them, these same men are like, ‘hey, wait a minute. All of these women can’t be telling the truth. These things rarely happen.’

So, which is it guys? Do your daughters need to be protected? Or are all males really respectful and decent and your daughters are safe in their hands?

What is it you’re not telling us? Or more importantly, what is it you don’t want to face about yourself and the behavior your gender has been getting a pass on for centuries?

We have a tremendous opportunity here. We can have the courage to look at what’s been hiding in plain sight for so long. We can take the steps to eradicate once and for all the predatory behavior that has been acceptable as ‘boys being boys.’ We can change the lives of our daughters and all the females that come after them.

You have a choice to make. Make the one that leaves you respecting who you see in the mirror.


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