Pretend You Love Me…

When it comes to prostitution, we condone hypocrisy and make honesty illegal.

If a woman and a man make a choice to exchange money for sex, they will be arrested, judged and shamed by the public. We believe prostitution is immoral and erodes the fabric and decency of our society.

And yet…if they pretend that what they’re doing isn’t an exchange of money for sex, then we’re all okay with it.

When we see an older man with a beautiful girl half his age on his arm, we say ‘there goes a rich man.’ We know and accept this. We may laugh about it, but we don’t scorn them or reject them from polite society. In fact, many of these arrangements are found in polite societies. The elites of the elites.

We accept the fact that a young, beautiful girl will feign love and attraction for an older, rich man who is willing to pay for her company. Though left unspoken, their intentions are clear; you be my companion and have sex with me, and I will give you money and buy you things you couldn’t afford without me.

Nobody says these words out loud, of course. Everyone pretends that this is a true love match. Isn’t it amazing how many old, rich men find ‘the love of their life’ in a woman who could not only be their biological child, but is beautiful too! What luck!

In truth, it is usually a covert financial arrangement.

But if a man and woman agree to an honest exchange of sex for money, we are shocked and disgusted! How dare they?! Arrest them and keep our sensitive eyes from having to bare such awful sights!

It is the height of hypocrisy. Pretend it isn’t what it is, and we’re okay with it. Be honest about what it is, and we are shocked and appalled.

Is it because we’ve been trained to believe that selling your body for money is abhorrent? If that’s so, why do we accept the lie of ‘this is true love’ and make the truth of ‘let’s exchange sex for money’ illegal? What is it that really bothers us?

And why are we so concerned about what others do with their bodies? What does this have to do with us? Whether they’re exchanging the truth or the lie, how does that affect our lives? Could it be that we simply need to feed our sense of superiority with judgment of others?

Why are we so hypocritical when it comes to other people’s choices regarding sex?

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