Beauty is Pain

Every day women squeeze their feet into high-heeled shoes that hurt their feet. Think about that for a minute. Long ago, some designers decided that high heels are a fashion ‘must’ and sold that belief to the rest of us.

We talk about how ‘shoe crazy’ we are and the designer heels we must have, regardless of the fact that most of these shoes are torture devices for our feet.

Does it sound sane to you to spend hundreds of dollars on an item that causes you discomfort and pain?

Are we so willing to be fashion lemmings that we blindly accept what we’re told is ‘in’ regardless of the comfort or cost to us?

We support the fashion industry, not the other way around. If we respected ourselves enough to refuse to purchase heels that hurt our feet, the designers would create a shoe that was not only stylish, but comfortable.

But they don’t have to. They can continue to reap millions in profits by making a product that causes us pain. Because we’ll buy it. Because we don’t think enough of ourselves to refuse to wear shoes that hurt and demand they make comfortable heels.

Heels are another way to feed the subconscious belief that we are on this planet to please others and look sexy, regardless of the cost to our own comfort. It is another way we cause ourselves pain to gain approval and acceptance from others.

I’m not saying we should all adopt a flats only shoe style. But I am asking why our standards for our own comfort are so low that we keep the shoe industry flush at the cost of our feet.

Do you believe you deserve to be uncomfortable? Do you believe you deserve pain? Then why are we continuing to purchase shoes that are uncomfortable and hurt us?

It seems like a small thing, but it’s our everyday choices that create our life. Why are we choosing to accept pain? Do we think we deserve it? That it’s a necessary sacrifice? For shoes?!

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