Suffer the Little Children

“Terrible things are happening outside. At any time of night and day, poor helpless people are being dragged out of their homes…Families are torn apart, men women and children are separated. Children come home from school to find their parents have disappeared.” –Anne Frank

It’s becoming harder and harder to ignore your support of this ‘president’ and the actions of his administration.

You are the same people who post photos of people abusing animals and voice your outrage at their cruelty, yet you’re indifferent to the suffering of your fellow human beings. Children are all innocent, you get that, right? You also understand that the worst thing that can happen to a child is to lose a parent, correct? Regardless of whether or not their parents hold a certain piece of paper in their hands, these are still actual human beings we are talking about.

I love you. I have loved you my whole life and never wanted that to change. But I’m having to face the fact that it is changing. Not the love, because I don’t believe love can be turned on and off at will. But my feelings about you have changed. Knowing that there is something inside of you that is fine with the intentional traumatization and suffering of innocent children has made me look at you differently. To be honest, I hate that I now know this about you. But I can’t pretend I don’t know it.

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The Girl in the Bushes

When I was a teenager we all hung around at a large park in our neighborhood. We’d meet there on summer evenings to find out what the plans for that night were, play softball or volleyball, drink beer, smoke cigarettes and weed, blast our music and just be together.

Lately I’ve been thinking about those long ago summer nights, and remembering the girl in the bushes.

Every once in awhile when we were hanging out on one of these nights, there would be a line of boys in front of the bushes by the tennis courts. We’d all laugh and say to each other ‘she’s in the bushes again.’

What that meant was that a certain girl from the neighborhood was crouched in the bushes on her knees and the guys were all in line waiting their turn with her.

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