We can all agree that saying women do most of the cooking in the world would be a fair statement. Without research and statistics, using only our observational skills, this would be an accurate assertion.

Chances are as we were growing up, our mothers did most of the cooking. The same is true for most everyone we know. While it’s also true that this is changing and in two parent households men are stepping up to the oven more often, it’s still an accurate statement to say that women are the cooks of the world.

This thought struck me as I was watching the show Chef’s Table the other night. Each episode of the show focuses on a world renowned, award winning chef. Out of eighteen episodes, only four featured women. Isn’t it ironic that when it comes to cooking done at home (without pay) it’s usually done by women, but when it comes to restaurants, (with pay) it’s most often done by men?

Cooking is a skill that can be learned, and is not gender specific. Yet, even in an area dominated by women in the private sector, when it comes to the public and paying positions, it is dominated by men.

What left me incredulous was that in one of the episodes that focused on a female chef who owned her own restaurant, she stated that she had to erect panels so the customers couldn’t see that it was a female chef in the kitchen because people lost confidence in the quality of the food if they knew it was being cooked by a woman. Keep in mind that it is now trendy for the male chefs to have an open kitchen because part of the dining experience is watching the chef prepare the food. Unless that chef is a woman.

Think about how covert the thought that male is superior has become that even in a field that has been considered women’s domain for centuries, we’re only acceptable at doing it when it’s at home and part of our duty. If we’re laying down big bucks we want a man at the helm.

What does this say about our beliefs regarding the value of women’s skills?





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